Thursday, July 11, 2013

Implementing Shade in your Desert Garden!

♥ Hey guys! My last post I mentioned something about needing shade in the desert garden. Well... I did it! I went the money saving route and chose 1/2" PVC pipe (the thick walled pipe), got some brackets to screw it into my raised garden bed, and finally had some burlap bags laying around in my garage. I unfolded the burlap so that its just one layer covering my plants. I then zip-tied the burlap to my PVC pipe structure that's screwed into my raised beds. Now, where I live the winds get up to 50 miles an hour and the structure is still sound.

 ¤ This is my biggest box. In here I have; Sugar Baby Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Caesar Romaine Lettuce, Escarole, French Classic Endive, Roma Arugula, Heirloom Kaleidoscope Carrots, Danver Carrots. 

  As always it's better to grow your food than buy it. It's fun, and rewarding. You can make it a family event and teach the next generation what it means to eat healthy. Until next time friends.....Keep it Green, and Keep it Growing! Bye! ☻


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